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Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2: Build a Weather Utility App (Part 2)

In this three-part Sencha Touch tutorial, you will build the Do I need my Umbrella app, a simple utility app that loads weather information from a web service — worldweatheronline.com. Based on weather codes, this app can predict if you need your umbrella or not. In this second part of the tutorial, you will start […]

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Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2: Build a Weather Utility App (Part 1)

Welcome at this series of blog posts: How to create a utility app with Sencha Touch and Sencha Cmd. Originally I wrote this tutorial for .NET magazine and afterwards I modified it for the Sencha Blog Site. Since I think it’s a good set of articles and you might have missed it. I will also […]

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Introducing Ext JS 5 Beta

Last week was a very important week for Sencha. We recently introduced Ext JS 5 to the public. It’s now possible to try out the beta version! As a Sencha employee I already had early access to this framework; that gave me enough time to play around with it. ..and I have to say… I […]

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Category: ExtJS 5 Sencha

Using Custom Icons in Your Ext JS Apps

Do you like the glyph attribute in Ext JS 4.2 as much as I do? With glyphs, you can implement an icon that is created from a font. There are advantages to using icon fonts — they are vectors and therefore never lose quality; it’s easy to style icons without the use of Photoshop; and […]

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Category: CSS Ext JS Sass Sencha

Upgrade Node JS from the CLI

First check your current version of Node JS: $node -v > v0.10.18 Clear your npm cache: sudo npm cache clean -f Install Node: sudo npm install -g n Upgrade to a later version (this step can take a while) You can specify a particular version like so: sudo n 0.10.23 Or you can just tell […]

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Category: Node JS

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (Ruby 2.0) and Sencha Cmd, how to work together

The free upgrade Mavericks for Mac OS-X includes Ruby 2.0. Now Sencha Cmd version 4.0 and below don’t support that Ruby version. Therefore you can’t build Sencha Touch and Ext JS projects; since Sass/Compass is included in the build process and requires Ruby 1.8 or Ruby 1.9. How to solve? There are great blog posts […]

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Top 5 Tips — Get Started with the Latest Sencha Product Releases

While the whole world is discussing the new iOS 7 release, or locking themselves in front of the game console to play GTA 5, Sencha has just delivered several updates to its frameworks and tools. Not just one product release but four product releases: Sencha Touch 2.3, Ext JS 4.2.2, Sencha Cmd 4 and Sencha […]

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Fix: Chrome 29 breaks all Sencha Touch 2.* apps

Please note: this bug won’t occur with Sencha Touch 2.3 (and higher) I have to admit, I am in love with the Google Chrome browser. Except yesterday, Google Chrome automatically upgrades itselves to the latest version. This latest version, version 29, suddenly breaks all Sencha Touch 2.2 apps. And ya, you can’t downgrade Google Chrome. […]

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Sencha Touch workshop @ Dutch Mobile Conference

Are you joining the DutchMobileConference / DutchPHPConference next week in the RAI Amsterdam? I will give a 4 hour workshop to get up to speed with Sencha Touch 2.2! In this workshop you will build the -Do I Need The Umbrella- utility app. This session will cover the following topics: – Scaffolding a Sencha Touch […]

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Category: Sencha

Meet me @ SenchaCon

If you would like to speak in person with me about Sencha Touch or other (Sencha) technologies, I will be at SenchaCon in Orlando Florida (Disney World), this year. SenchCon is the HTML5 event of the year, with over 60 sessions about the Sencha tools and frameworks, a Hackaton and a Sencha Touch bootcamp! Take […]

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